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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Feb 8, 2018

Mapping the experience of cyclical being through archetypes, stories, and song

"The more I am in my power the more everything can be empowered - it's not a personal thing - you can't be powerful on your own, its part of a bigger thing." - Boe Huntress

In this episode entitled Unveiling a Female Power, Amisha meets singer, songwriter, and creative Boe Huntress. Informed by a long line of songwriters from Bob Dylan, to Kate Bush, to Joni Mitchell, Boe's mytho-poetic songwriting is archetypal and inspired particularly by the feminine experience.

Boe works with women's groups, looking at the cycles of the moon, menstruation and the creative process.  Together they weave a collective picture of cyclical and intuitive ways of being, exploring the value and gift of changeability in a world where consistency is king. We hear about the collective dreams of bleeding women that could feed tribes and what the modern equivalent might be if we can only remember how to want it.


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