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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Aug 29, 2019

How can we create the conditions for something universal to be expressed through us?  

“Deeper self knowledge, true potential of the human, self realisation, happiness, suffering... it doesn’t belong in narrow places any more - in monasteries - it needs to be in the hospitals. Now is the time for it to be in...

Aug 22, 2019

How do we overcome paralysis in the face of complexity?

“We all have something that we came to do. If more people were doing that soul work we would be in less of a mess. What dreams we had as children of what our lives would look like! When we ignore that, it is where the numbing begins – the giving up of wanting...

Aug 15, 2019

How can we be in service to the world at this time?

“It’s an assumption from the people who taught me, that creation lodges a tiny piece of its genius inside each of us. You have to find it, and then grow it, and then share it…I will go on this journey and never give up until I have located it, grown it and I’m...

Aug 8, 2019

How can we thrive in the world as Highly Sensitive People?

In this episode entitled Entering the Era of the Sensitive Person, Amisha connects with therapist, coach and Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) Cindy Barnes.

Cindy specialises in working with people who identify as Highly Sensitive or with having the trait of Sensory...

Aug 1, 2019

What innovation is needed now to steer us towards a beautiful future?

“It ain’t just a techno fix. It’s not just about shifting an energy system into renewables. it’s not just about shifting from fossil fuels to green energy. It is actually about reimagining how so many of these systems can and should work…...