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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Jun 23, 2022

How can we anchor into our deeper intelligence?

In this special episode entitled Navigating The Challenges Of This Time, Amisha Ghadiali, the host of this globally acclaimed podcast that weaves together activism, the sacred, creativity and regeneration, shares an insightful and heartfelt flow of consciousness. 


Jun 16, 2022

How do we live and die well?

In this episode entitled Embracing Our Pain, Amisha speaks with Vanessa Andreotti, a Brazilian educator and Indigenous and land rights activist. She is a professor and Canada Research Chair in Race, Inequalities, and Global Change at the University of British Columbia. She is one of the...

Jun 9, 2022

How can we follow our creative dreams and build sustainable livelihoods?

In this episode entitled Melodies Of Transformation, Amisha speaks with Abby Poem, a yogi, musician and energy healer living off-grid in the Ibiza mountains. Abby's music is inspired by the colours and spirit of India and its culture of prayer. Her...

Jun 2, 2022

How can you be an activist in a world of crisis? 

In this episode entitled Creative Action, Amisha talks to Tamsin Omond, a communications and campaigns strategist, inspirational speaker and author. Tamsin has consistently shifted public conversation on the climate and ecological emergency. They have organised a number...