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The Future Is Beautiful with Amisha Ghadiali

Feb 7, 2019

How do the soundscapes of our lives influence us?


In this episode Amisha meets visionary listener, musician, educator and global citizen Aurelio. Now based in India, Aurelio grew up in Austria and has travelled the world studying the origins and functions of music.


Aurelio rejected book-learning in favour of finding embodied experiences of music in daily life around the globe. He speaks of the primal pulses and frequencies that infuse our existence from conception onwards and how these influence our cells, our sense of harmony and our social rituals.


Aurelio tells us about life and work at Svaram - a campus and community in Auroville, dedicated to experience of sound. He talks about the roles for music in our lives - both individually and collectively - and the findings of neurobiological studies into the effects of sound and music on our brain from our earliest moments in utero.


Together Aurelio and Amisha explore the ever-changing soundscapes of our lives; from the jungle to the city and from the womb out into the world.


“In most indigenous cultures there was a sound event that brought forth manifestation. At the beginning there's the unknown cosmic ocean and then something ignites and starts to throb. All of us come into incarnation in this fluid space where sound travels seven times as fast. We are exposed to pulsation for 9 months...We all have a pulse in ourselves.” ~ Aurelio


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