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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Apr 27, 2022

How can we experience our bodies as diverse resources for liberation?

In this episode, entitled Moving Into Collective Divinity, Amisha talks to Ava Riby-Williams, a queer, British Ghanaian/Indian visionary. Ava acts out life purpose as a creative facilitator, Yoga teacher, activist, and artist who encourages play and promotes diversity in all of life. Ava is driven by the importance of making healing possible for marginalised communities as a tool to unwind trauma, whilst learning about the cycles, which oppress them in order to share teachings on equity. Ava’s work encourages us to become our own inner teachers, recognising ourselves as divinity and in unity. With over 10 years of Yoga, creative practise, facilitation, and performance experience, her teaching is often woven with song, poetry, and play as a way to deepen our capacity to Love and experience life. For 2022, Ava is developing a new series of somatic movement workshops.

Together they explore ‘From Me To We' our upcoming learning journey and the embodiment journey’s Ava will be hosting within. Drawing inspiration from biomimicry and the patterns of nature, these collective journey’s are seeking to connect us with our bodies’ senses letting our weekly themes percolate and ripple into diverse physical experiences that are seeds of change.

Ava speaks about her sexual identity and the shame that is often attached to being queer and gender-fluid in our heteronormative world. She reveals a traumatic personal experience that has caused her waves of grief and how she integrates the complex dualities of this into her life with grace. Ava believes that trauma and grief is an embodied experience and can show up as collective physical dis/ease. These collective experiences tend to be systemically de-contextualised turning them into culture deeply affecting our marginalised communities.

We learn that her work with spiritual embodied practices is intended to open pathways for us to reconnect into our divine essence overcoming personal and ancestral blocks igniting transformation that brings us individual and systemic freedom. 

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