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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Oct 1, 2020

What can we do to honour those that hold the world together?

In this episode entitled Playing In The Wild Fields Of Trust, Amisha brings together Manish Jain (E39), an un-educator, giftivist, writer and co-founder of the Unschooling movement in India, Bayo Akomolafe (E13), a poet, philosopher, psychologist, professor and curator of the Emergence Network and Charles Eisenstein (E98) a social philosopher, author and public speaker; three leading thinkers and visionaries seeking to understand and shape the fabric of our earthly communities in new ways.

In this life-affirming conversation they share their observations and insights of what is unfolding in their respective cultures during the current season of change. As invisible ‘secrets’, rituals and mythologies that bind or polarise our communities are revealed, they invite us into exploration of how we might change our worldviews relating to death, education, power dynamics and trust. 

They talk about how with care for community, village economies and mutual aid, we may form life experiences that counteract our sense of separation and the fragile hostile global systems we have constructed.

They reveal our current transformation as an opportunity to ask new questions about how we hope to shape this moment and how we might grow new fields of trust honouring the exponential possibilities we could seed. Their heart-led approaches encourage us to envision these possibilities as sacred sanctuaries where we might encounter things that are greater than ourselves. Their deep bond of brotherhood invites our spirit of playfulness to seek out wilder forms of thinking and education, wilder forms of coalitions, wilder forms of communication and change to shape new patterns of interbeing.


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