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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

May 5, 2022

How do we inspire and live the change?

In this episode entitled Resilient Communities Of Hope, Amisha talks to Becky Burchell, a Futures Producer. Becky’s practice is Hopism :: sharing stories of hope to inspire change. Her work is at the intersection of the arts, environmentalism and social justice. In 2019, she launched CHANGE Festival to elevate people, ideas, and narratives that celebrate bold new ways of living, where humanity and the natural world are both able to thrive. Becky has created a play ‘The World We Made’ and a short film series ‘Rise Up’ in response to the environmental and climate crisis. 

They talk about how we can live better in community and how creating projects together creates a culture that invites inclusion. Becky tells us about the democratised community of Chettle, a Heritage Village in Dorset, UK, where she lives with her family. In Chettle, the houses and land have been owned outright for generations; no interest being paid to banks and all savings passed down to the people that live there. This breaks all norms and has flourished a hopeful village, where living in community is possible. Together they plant trees reinstating local orchards, they are creating a community food hub taking over the village shop adding a cafe, and they are building a mixed agro ecological farm, all community owned. She shares how ‘all that we are’ fka ‘The Future Is Beautiful’ podcast has influenced her personal work and what they are doing in the village making elements of conversations real and tangible.

Becky reveals that thinking about climate change fundamentally guided the direction of her work, and in search for answers and community to imagine a better future, she created CHANGE Festival. She believes that the Arts have a pivotal role to play in helping us understand and navigate the vivid and complex changes we are facing due to climate change.

We learn that sharing hopeful and inspirational stories offers ways to build resilience and hopeful community cultures that can face challenges during uncertain times.

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