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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

May 18, 2023

How do we catalyse political and cultural shifts that can transform our world?

In this episode entitled United We Stand, Amisha talks to Christina Tobin, an activist and leader in the election reform and voters’ rights movements. She is the founder and chair of the Free & Equal Elections Foundation, a non-profit leading national, state and local efforts to open the electoral process in the United States by hosting open all-inclusive gubernatorial, Presidential and senatorial debates. Free & Equal organises Electoral Reform Symposium and produces ‘United We Stand’ tours uniting the younger generations with musicians, artists, and thought leaders to promote political and cultural change whilst supporting individuals running for office. The organisation is creating a blockchain election assistant app to promote transparency and empower voters with information about their candidate choices.

Christina gives us insight into the US electoral system and the work Free & Equal is  doing to catalyse its reform through a truly independent decentralised platform of cultural interventions, Presidential debate and blockchain & AI technology. She shares her personal journey into the political sphere and her sense of purpose that guides her to stand with her truths and brave ideas to bring alive a bigger vision for humanity.

They speak about the power of communities; how building connections within kindles hope and forges change from the bottom up. Christina believes a solution focused approach and the power of collaboration mobilises our local communities igniting integrity, unity, love and peace; ultimately growing a movement that will see us fly high in revolutionary skies.

We learn that persistently doing what we love, trusting that whatever we achieve in our lifetime continues to grow beyond, and being present with our loved ones and people surrounding us are part of the alchemy of astronomical levels of change.

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