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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Jan 7, 2021

What power does beauty have in shaping our world? 

"Beautiful leadership is a way of being in the world that honours why you are truly here, and what is possible. This is the leadership of now - of soul - of feeling into what this future call forth in us and in bringing yourself into alignment with this vision - so that you can embody it in this world in small and perhaps big ways. This is the time to not be a follower, but to dive deep into the gifts of your intuition, and bring what is in your heart alive, with courage and grace. Consider it more as becoming a leader of your own life, living with intentionality and the beauty of your soul. This creates ripples. We need you, this is our time." Amisha Ghadiali

In this first episode of the year entitled A Call to Beautiful Leadership, our host Amisha Ghadiali, takes us on an inspiring exploration on why beauty is important and what happens if we open ourselves to live with this presence and grace, no matter what the circumstances. As we find ourselves starting the year amidst more lockdowns and fear, this episode shows us why beauty is important, and what it means to cultivate a reciprocal relationship with this aspect of our aliveness. 

We explore the power of the way of beauty and the call to beautiful leadership. In the second part of this episode, some graduates of The Beautiful Leadership Immersion share their experiences of the first programme and what it means to them to be a beautiful leader. 


"Beauty has the power to move us, to stop us in our tracks, to transform us. 

Beauty is deep and layered.

Beauty invites us into a space of possibility, creativity and imagination.

Beauty allows us to notice where we are, where we have been and where we might go.

Beauty embraces complexity, and the paradox of our humanity.

Beauty cracks us open, captivates us and brings us to grace.

Beauty connects us to the transcendent nature of our soul.

Beauty loves the messiness, the process, the awkwardness, the imperfections.

Beauty invites a recognition of the sacred and our interconnectedness.

Beauty opens pathways to divine receptivity with the more than human world.  

Beauty connects us to the power of our dreams.

Beauty sustains us through our challenges and regenerates us.

Beauty does not ask for certainty.

Beauty leads us to wise decisions.

Beauty is a path of intention.

Beauty is an offering.

Beauty is a whole approach to life." 
Amisha Ghadiali 

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