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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Mar 11, 2021

How can we make better choices with what we have and who we are for the good of humanity? 

In this episode entitled Collective Empowerment From The Heart, Amisha talks with Nasreen Sheikh, a survivor of modern-day slavery, social entrepreneur, human rights advocate and an international speaker. Born in a small rural village on the border of India and Nepal, she escaped forced marriage, child labor and extreme poverty risking everything to experience freedom. Today she runs several social enterprises working to eradicate modern-day slavery and advocating for basic human rights.

Nasreen reveals her life’s path from her childhood living in underserved communities falling victim to modern day slavery, her escape from this ‘modern war’ into birthing her life’s calling as a global campaigner and budding social entrepreneur empowering women, girls and local artisans.

Her work transforms the lives of many exploited by fashion sweatshop culture fuelled by our habits and systems of over-consumption. Carelessly designed toxic fashion supply chains, not only exploit humans, but pollute our rivers, our soil and our air, perpetuate sickness, disease and death. Nasreen shares that raising awareness of these destructive impacts and simultaneously securing basic human rights, such as nutritious food, clean water, shelter, health care, education, safe environment and access to technology in underserved communities will forge systemic and cultural change needed to create a future where we may collectively thrive.

Together they explore the potency of good leadership, good technology and the cultivation of our intuition as essential support systems for solving the world’s biggest problems, to secure basic human rights and to form a new society, where we are active leaders and change-makers. 

We learn that we have agency over our lives to break free from the conditioning of systems and cultures that don’t serve the good of humanity. Every small action and decision we make has impact and can be of service; whatever we choose will be our future.


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