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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (formally known as the future is beautiful)

Mar 18, 2021

How can we walk the paths of tradition to become true collaborators with nature? 

In this episode Amisha talks with Sam Lee, Mercury Prize-nominated and BBC Folk Award-winning singer, conservationist and curator. Sam is a folk music collector and specialist with a passion for wilderness studies and nature connection sharing and interpreting ancient oral music from Britain and Ireland. Sam works holistically in challenging the very nature of our heritage music in the 21st Century and he will soon release his 1st book about the songs of ‘The Nightingale’.

Amisha and Sam explore oral folk traditions as initiations into a way of life in harmony with nature. Sam describes folk songs as the stories that hold the wisdom of our ancestors, the old stories that connect us to renovation, adoration and the essence of the land. 

Together the talk about the unfolding of Sam’s calling into folk and nature’s song; a journey of intention, deep listening and experiencing nature from a sensory place with an activists heart. Sam shares his profound encounter with the beautiful song of the Nightingale, which led him to create an immersive and sensory pilgrimage where we can experience the concerts of this endangered bird species. It is an enchanting way to experience the birds in their habitat whilst bringing us into tune with nature’s beauty through folk song, fireside stories and community. In his new book, Sam gathers the stories of ‘The Nightingale’ giving insights into the bird’s significance in different cultures.

We learn that nature is the cord principle of life and that the pandemic offers the opportunity for us to become its true collaborators by honouring our interbeingness and the wisdom traditions of song; by investing our money into its conservation, sustainable forestry and sustainable agriculture preventing vast habitat loss and population crash of species. 

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