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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Apr 21, 2022

How can we reimagine and redesign online community to serve the future of our wildest dreams?

This special episode entitled An Invitation into Transformative Community is a call to action where we turn the tables on Amisha Ghadiali, the wonderful host of ‘All That We Are’ this globally acclaimed podcast, where we offer deep, insightful, unedited conversations weaving together activism, the sacred, creativity, and regeneration. Amisha has a gift of bringing people into connection with themselves, each other, and the Earth. She has hosted many retreats, workshops, programmes and rituals around the world creating tender and inclusive spaces.

Amisha shines a light on our new offering ‘From Me To We’, a learning journey where a faculty of 18 speakers, all of which have been on the podcast before, will be gathering for conversations around urgent themes arising from the pressing times we live in. In speaker sessions, embodiment experiences, and community salons, we delve deep into themes that explore how we may embrace the polarity and complexities of now, how we may dismantle new-age spirituality, privilege, and notions of white saviorism and give rise to engaged activism and so much more. 

From Me To We’ is a one of a kind invitation relevant in the here and now with the intention to offer a unique journey where something may emerge and move us in new ways; a journey of dynamic healing and transformation; a journey where the wisdom of everyone that's present can be shared in reflections, questions and the yet unexplained that may arise. 

Amisha reveals the challenges of sustaining a podcast and community that is entirely funded by its own members and free of advertising. The idea for ‘all that we are’ membership community app - launching soon - blossomed since she was craving an online community space where members can actively contribute to the work we do and where our network can meet, spark connections and collaborations across the globe away from being stalked by corporations and advertisers. She believes we have to try and find beauty in these wild times by connecting to each other in new ways and by supporting each other to become resilient, adaptable, intuitive beings. The new name and all of the offerings we are launching provide a space where such things can blossom.

We hear from Hely Cameron, new curator at ‘All That We Are’, sharing her journey from being a podcast listener to turning into a member of the team. We learned that the new membership community app will have a podcast class club, a space for people to come together to share their insights and inspirations garnered from our podcast episodes. There will be a workshop area that includes offerings on how to work with eco anxiety, how to live more in flow, how to trust our intuition and so much more.

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