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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Jul 29, 2020

Are wellsprings of beauty our living systems for change?

In this episode entitled Beyond the Edge We Soar Together, Amisha speaks with Erin Dixon, Ashati Sakahikan.

They speak of truth and reconciliation in light of the cultural genocide and impacts of intergenerational trauma on the wellbeing of Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island. They explore the power of the land, ceremonial gifts of culture, song and drumming as pathways of beauty that carry stories for healing trauma and for lifting collective spirit. Their conversation connects us to ideas of living systems as well springs for change fuelled by joy, intuition, sacred reciprocity and the magical shimmers of our waterways.

“When we talked about the pathways of change and beauty that are happening, I feel like it comes when people are doing the work they came to do. Their waters, their pathways start to shimmer, that light starts to shimmer. A wellspring of beauty, in the sense of really listening to their gifts, listening to why they are here and taking action and movement from that place.” – Erin Dixon


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