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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Sep 28, 2023

How do we cultivate a new collective global power and reverence that thrives in a balance of our spiritual, intellectual and ancient wisdom?

In this episode entitled Our Collective Imprint, Amisha talks with Fernanda Baraybar, a transpersonal psychologist, writer and practicing Shaman. Working with the Qero Paqo communities of The Andes in Peru, she’s helping keep her ancestors’ traditions alive by learning from their ancient practices. She works as a consultant for ‘Synergetic Press’ and she writes for ‘Psychic Garden’ whilst pursuing an MSc in Spirituality, Consciousness, and Transpersonal Psychology with the aim of creating further research on parapsychological phenomena and shamanistic psychology.

We learn about

:: Fernanda’s life growing up in Latin America during a time of conflict and resistance

:: Shamanic prophecies and practices

:: the impact of our collective imprints and entanglements with different cultures and nature 

:: gaining new perspectives by addressing distorted belief systems created by Westernism 

:: activating codes of lineage and ancient wisdom

:: the release of anger and leaning into joy and bliss

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