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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Jul 26, 2022

How can we expand our spirituality and activism to serve the challenges of our time?

For this very special episode entitled A Spirituality Of Wholeness, we are giving you a peek into our recent learning journey with a treasured guest faculty. ‘From Me To We’ is a gathering of conversations and somatic experiences around the most urgent themes we live amongst. It is an invitation to journey into the heart, to feel into new ways of learning and unlearning; to tend to the seeds of wisdom that live within us all.

Through 6 speaker sessions, embodiment experiences and community space, we delve deep into how we may embrace polarity and the complexities of now, how we may dismantle new age spirituality, understand our privilege, and give rise to engaged activism; essentially how we may embody a spirituality of wholeness, that is more expansive, inclusive, and honours our connection to the Earth.

This episode shares some of the wisdom from this course, and it is an invitation for you to join us. You will hear 26 voices in this episode amplifying the energy of this collective journey with the intention of breaking down the divisive structures we live within. These sparks of conversation reveal the complexities of challenges we are facing during these times. They open new viewpoints and emphasise possibilities of how we may open our wings into all that we are. 

You are now invited to take this journey in your own time, at your own pace with unlimited access to the recordings. This is offered on a sliding scale, and this week, when you join our membership of 'all that we are' it is offered as a gift. 

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