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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Apr 20, 2023

How do we grow our mindsets to meet the dissonance of our time with real action?

In this episode entitled Five Minutes After Midnight, Amisha talks to Jamie Bristow, recognised for his pioneering work on mindfulness in politics and public policy, and for his writing on inner development as a way of addressing a range of societal issues. Jamie was Director of the ‘Mindfulness Initiative’ policy institute and clerk to the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Mindfulness, where he led numerous initiatives to promote mindfulness in government and policy circles worldwide. Jamie was formerly Business Development Director for Headspace and has a background in psychology, climate change campaigning and advertising. His mentors have included Rob Burbea, Stephen Batchelor and Christina Feldman. Jamie is an Honorary Associate of Bangor University, where he is currently supervising a research project on ‘awareness-based social change’.

Amisha and Jamie speak about the impact mindfulness practices can have on flourishing societies that are equipped to hold the complexities and dissonance of our time. Jamie shares how the results of resourcing politicians with skills rooted in empathy and connection is filtering into public and political spheres showing promising green shoots of policy and system changes.

Together they explore how mindfulness can create vital mindset shifts needed to tackle the climate crisis. Jamie reveals what inner qualities we can cultivate, how we can bring them into mainstream culture to make them accessible as micro and macro acts of activism and to build movements of change that ripple across our global communities. 

We learn that we can understand the climate crisis as a relationship crisis. Having courageous conversations about the challenges we are facing is a powerful way to grow our common ground and connection; a way to truth tell our way out of this status quo that’s lingering at five minutes past midnight.

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