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The Future Is Beautiful with Amisha Ghadiali

Oct 4, 2018

Where does true creative inspiration come from and how do we invite it in?

In this episode Amisha sits down with creative catalyst, musician and mischief-maker Jamie Catto.

Jamie seeks to serve as a ‘walking permission slip’ for people he meets, giving permission for himself and others to express themselves more fully and authentically in the world.

Together he and Amisha discuss the roots of suffering and melodrama in our lives, the influence of the patriarchy and how listening holds the key to all that we seek.

We hear Jamie’s perspective on the treasures that can be found in the painful experiences of life and how to use our suffering sustainably. He speaks candidly about his experiences of panic attacks, death and suicide, lets us in on his relationship to creativity and the muse and reveals where the true genius ideas come from.

“Think of [creativity] as a unicorn. People so want to make money out of their creativity. You end up saddling your unicorn like a donkey to carry your self esteem issues up a hill and it is not its job.” ~ Jamie Catto

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