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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Mar 30, 2022

How do we imagine and flourish a future in times of wild interruptions?

In this episode entitled An Artist’s Way During Wild Times, Amisha talks with Jason Bayani, poet, author, educator and arts organiser. His poetry books ‘Amulet’ and ‘Locus’, the latter nominated for the Northern California Book Award, and his solo theater show ‘Locus of Control’ explore the experience of identity of Pilipinx-Americans. His poems are oral histories, tales of magic and myth, ‘creatures of excess’, as he describes them. Jason is the artistic director of ‘Kearny Street Workshop’ in San Francisco, the oldest multi-disciplinary Asian Pacific American arts organisation in the country.

Jason shares a flow of collective insight embracing intuition, embodiment and grief, which he gathered during a Bioneers event with Nina Simons, both him and Amisha attended. This rich reading offers signposts and profound questions for navigating our current time. 

Together they speak of the search for uninterrupted spaces of silence where our dreams and imagination can flourish, where we can reclaim and provide ourselves with soulfulness. They speak of the importance of giving ourselves permission to ‘disappear’ into these spaces as a way of dissolving the pressures of productiveness impressed upon us, and as a necessity to flourish creative visions and expressions for the future.

Jason reveals that artists are pivotal in igniting our dreams. An artist’s way can help us dream ourselves into new realities beyond the current systems and crisis of imagination. He believes that artists have ways of stirring the severely limited view of beauty, which we are able to see in this world right now.

We learn that seeking the tenderness of our creativity, unfolding it at its own pace and trusting this process is where we will visit the real depth of our creativity, where we will reconnect with our identities and root into our intuitive experience. This process will bring forth our true expressions, spark our imagination and help us engage in meaningful ways during times of wild interruptions.  

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