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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

May 26, 2022

How can we filter and trust information in a world of misinformation?

In this episode entitled Knowing In Post-Truth Times, Amisha talks to Marcus Gilroy-Ware, an interdisciplinary writer and scholar working on media, politics, technology and capitalism. He is the author of 'After the Fact? The Truth about Fake News' and 'Filling the Void: Emotion, Capitalism and Social Media'.

Amisha and Marcus talk about how information exists in this time of post truth. They speak about the overwhelming effects misinformation, fake news, conspiracy theories and conflicting information are having on our ability to make sense of the world. Marcus believes that vast amounts of money and power are invested to ensure that we don't know where we are going as a society; a theatre of confusion that is a cultural, social and political problem perpetuating our sense of uncertainty.

They speak about how this confusion and uncertainty affects our personal and collective visions for the future as it is replaced with survival mode eroding our sense of agency and our sense of connection to aspirations we might hold for our future. Marcus shares his insights into conspiracy theories and how they stem from feelings of disempowerment, which do not necessarily coincide with real disempowerment.

Together they explore how we can establish filters of trust that can help us see through the confusion of headlines, conflicting information and language manipulation we are exposed to by mainstream media and social networks. They spark awareness that our filters often determine how we understand the world, what kind of information comes to us and what information sources we trust.

We learn that filtering information means that we have to be discerning and cultivate nuanced relationships with our sources of information. We have to accept that our worldview will always be partial. We need to cultivate productive disagreements, solidarity, kindness, and a sense of humbleness in the face of knowledge allowing ourselves to be patient and to be open to being wrong and not knowing. 

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