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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Oct 28, 2020

Can the powers of our flowing minds expand our language of reciprocity?

In this episode entitled The Language Of Our Rivers, Amisha talks to Minna Salami, author, blogger, feminist theorist and lecturer. Minna’s blog ‘MsAfropolitan’ connects feminism with critical reflections on contemporary culture from an Africa-centred perspective. She is the author of ‘Sensuous Knowledge: A Black Feminist Approach for Everyone’, which explores universal concepts such as art, beauty, identity, blackness and womanhood with an Africa-centred, decolonial and feminist paradigm.

Amisha and Minna explore the idea of beauty and how the poetry, language and willpower we receive from our rivers and from our natural world increases our sensuous knowledge, expands the volume of our integrity and flourishes the gardens of our beauty. Minna describes how the flow that shapes our rivers and the patterns of nature alongside them can inspire systems of power and governmental structures rooted in reciprocity.

Minna believes that in the 21st century we are by default born into a multi perspectival approach that shapes our identities and knowledge into worldviews that are a golden opportunity to overcome the complex struggles humankind are facing. They speak about how our societies could utilise the wisdom traditions of our elders, especially our grandmothers as the antidote to the robotisation of our collective psyche during these current times.

We learn that listening is beauty; that being present and the small things make us beautiful. They reveal that our complex identities are an opportunity for curiosity and inquiry to understand each other and the human species in greater depth; a powerful opportunity to embrace new perspectives and truths letting our minds flow like roaring rivers of reciprocity, integrity and beauty. 

This podcast is part of a collaboration with St. Ethelburga’s called ‘Listening to each other, Listening to Earth’.


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