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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Jul 25, 2018

What does it truly mean to serve and where do we start?

In this episode entitled Serving with EmptyHands – Learning the Law of Love, Amisha meets musician and humanitarian Nimesh 'Nimo' Patel. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Nimo received an Ivy League education, found fame as a rap star, and enjoyed a successful stint working on Wall Street.

After the horror of 9/11, Nimo realised that despite his material success, he felt unhappy and unfulfilled. An unexpected phone call from a friend planted the first seed and later painful health challenges finally drew him to India where he began volunteering at the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad.

Together with a group of children from the local community he produced an album of songs. This first project marked the beginning of working closely with underprivileged children and their families to bring their voices to the world. Nimo shares with us some powerful lessons received from the children, their families, and the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi during his time in India.

"I like the idea that we come empty handed and we go empty handed. It’s like two moments of nothingness that we are living in between....Nothing is mine when I'm here, nothing is mine when I leave, so can I live more in a way that I am offering more of myself to the planet when I am here?" ~ Nimo Patel


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