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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (formally known as the future is beautiful)

Aug 9, 2018

How can we change politics for the better to benefit our local communities?

“This is about trying to create participatory democracy not representative democracy….It’s saying elect 17 people and then their job is to build a community where whatever it is you want to get done, you can - or at least have a good try at it - and there will be money and support.” ~ Peter Macfadyen

In this episode Amisha meets independent local councillor Peter Macfadyen to learn how Frome (Somerset UK) is transforming from a forgotten market town into one of the most progressive communities in the country.

Peter tells the story of how he became Mayor of Frome by accident and rewrote the rules to return a sense of ownership to the community, putting 40% of council taxes back in people’s hands and inviting children to vote on council budgets.

He explains why manifestos inevitably end in broken promises, why he favours removing party politics at the local level and the need for epic facilitation skills in local government.

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