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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Oct 25, 2023

How can we cultivate creativity to imagine a society that serves all of us?

In this special episode entitled States Of Awe, we gather with Chris Bullzini, Kay Michael, Gaia Harvey Jackson and Dannii Evans to explore the power of creativity. This conversation is an invitation for all of us to connect and grow our creativity in whichever ways accessible to us, wherever we find ourselves. It is a call for us to create space for play, for embodiment and feeling a sense of awe so we can reimagine and recreate our societies into works of art that serve us all.

We learn about

:: their different creative practices and personal journey’s as creatives reconnecting and blooming their imagination and creativity 

:: what creativity looks like in these times and the impacts of creative monocultures 

:: about presence and the state of awe 

:: the relationship between creativity and the divine

:: about the power of collaboration

:: about how to create safe spaces where we can freely express ourselves and grow our creativity from an authentic place


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