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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Jun 9, 2022

How can we follow our creative dreams and build sustainable livelihoods?

In this episode entitled Melodies Of Transformation, Amisha speaks with Abby Poem, a yogi, musician and energy healer living off-grid in the Ibiza mountains. Abby's music is inspired by the colours and spirit of India and its culture of prayer. Her music carries the essence of deep transformation and brings forward a sense of hope. She has recently released her debut album ‘Change Will Come’. Abby is the co-founder of ‘Perception’, a creative yoga hub in Ibiza embracing research at the cross section of spirituality and neuroscience.

Abby shares her personal journey of finding her creative voice and following her dreams of living off-grid and becoming a songwriter guided by singing circles and kitans. Inspired by permaculture living, she now lives by herself in a solar powered and rainwater sustained off-grid house. This way of life has attuned her to nature’s seasons. In summer she lives a social life and during winter she hibernates in solitude. It has empowered her to unfold her full creative expression as a songwriter creating a first crowdfunded album.

Together they speak about ‘Perception’, the yoga hub bringing together spiritual practices and neuroscience in research on how spiritual modalities can transform our behaviour patterns. It will provide data for people on the impacts of their spiritual practices on their neurological pathways. The findings will establish scientific evidence and trust that the practices we are growing are having the impact and establish the state of balance we are hoping for.

We learn that what touches people is real creative expressions. In order to find our true creative expression and authentic voice we have to find the courage for our hearts to be seen and heard in all their rawness. We have to tune into the melodies of change that are constant new beginnings offering us to shape new norms.

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