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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Nov 2, 2023

How do we build future cultures rooted in care and regeneration?

In this episode entitled Vacuums Of Collapse Amisha talks with Daze Aghaji, a climate justice activist whose advocacy for radical systemic change centres on youth political engagement, regenerative cultures, social justice, and intersectionality. The Guardian has described her as a ‘ball of energy, conviction and warmth’. Her bold activism has led her to working with an array of leading NGOs, governments, institutions and grassroots change-makers globally.

We learn about 
:: her personal experiences of activism and empowering change in communities
:: climate grief and eco anxiety
:: nature as a place of safety & how to build connection with nature in cities 
:: how to cultivate agency to change our world
:: connecting with beauty amidst the collapse of society as a way to propel us forward
:: to create useful tools for activism, care and regeneration
:: how AI may help us towards a regenerative future
:: how to create and enact policy making
:: how we can support the younger generations on their mission to shape the future

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