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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Apr 8, 2021

How do we merge indigenous intelligence and modern technology to co-create better societies?

In this episode entitled Our Reflections In Mirrors Of Hope, Amisha talks to Lily Cole, sometimes filmmaker, writer, public speaker, supermodel and actor. She is an advocate for sociopolitical and environmental issues and a patron of the Environmental Justice Foundation. She co-founded Impossible: a technology company that solves social and environmental problems. Lily’s most recent book and companion podcast, ‘Who Cares Wins: Reasons for Optimism in Our Changing World’, is a rousing call to action that will leave you feeling hopeful that we can make a difference.

Amisha and Lily explore the idea of co-creating communities that are powered by our commonalities, indigenous intelligence and modern technology. Lily talks about her personal observations gathered during times spent with different indigenous communities. She speaks of the intelligence rooted in egalitarian value systems of indigenous cultures, the reverence and understanding of the natural world, storytelling and spirituality as powerful offerings to modern society lacking collective values systems. 

Lily shares her experience and challenges building Impossible, applying cutting edge tech to build a digital community and gift economy. Together they reflect that we don’t need expensive apparatus to encourage a shift of consciousness and the activation of generous community spirit. It is the combination of all instruments and skills available to humankind that will afford us the co-creation of new types of conscious consumerism and dynamic communities for the future. 

We learn that listening to each other, taking small actions and making more conscious lifestyle choices aligned with our personal truths, are the mirrors of hope that will affect change of the mainstream and the political economic status quo, so we may conceptualise new outcomes for society.


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