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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Apr 21, 2021

How can we unlock purpose and new mindsets to forge ecological and systemic change?

In this episode entitled Guided By Natures Epiphanies, Amisha talks to Jessica Ferrow, a climate activist, entrepreneur and sustainability strategist. Jessica co-founded climate impact agency ‘Twelve’. They support purpose-driven businesses to unlock purpose and impactful responses to the climate and ecological emergency. Jessica is a mentor and advisory board member of Catalyse Change, a director of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership, co-chair of the Bristol Climate Leaders Group and a member of the mayor’s One City Environment Board, helping her home city Bristol achieve its ambitious net zero 2030 carbon targets.

Together, Amisha and Jessica recognise a rising sense of urgency in the world for meaningful responses to the climate and ecological crisis. They explore how inspiring leadership and human connection can shift mindsets and forge purpose driven changes in communities and businesses.

Jessica shares her passion for bringing climate emergency activism into boardrooms. Her heart-based leadership and transformative experiences guide businesses and organisations into unlocking their purpose, leadership and strategic responses to the climate and ecological emergency that serve both, communities and ecologies. She talks about Bristol and the inspiring challenges of it transforming into a carbon neutral city by 2030 considering systemic inequalities, climate justice and our interconnectedness with global communities and nature. 

We learn that community initiatives and young people are setting admirable examples of leadership taking agency to navigate the complexities of our time by freely standing in their power and truths to solve the climate crisis. We can all activate our purposeful leadership by spending time with nature. Nature is the teacher that can guide us into epiphanies and mindset shifts whilst providing sanctuaries of solace that can help us find purposeful responses during this great time of upheaval.


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