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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (formally known as the future is beautiful)

May 27, 2021

How do we reveal and embody our magnetism and authenticity through our style choices?

In this episode Amisha talks to Kerry Wilde, a Slow Fashion and Women’s Empowerment advocate who’s work harmonises Spirituality, Sustainability and Style. Kerry believes that dressing is a way to create a new culture of Authentic Beauty and loving Self-expression and that the future of fashion is rooted in the Art of Adornment and Soul Style. Kerry trained in Reiki, Yoga, Feminine Embodiment and Womb Healing. She is the Founder of Art of Slow: an online platform to educate and bring awareness to the frequency of our clothing, an ambassador for the Empowerment Collective, an initiative set to eradicate Slave Labour, and she recently launched the ‘Art of Womxn’ program.

In this conversation Amisha and Kerry speak about the ‘art of adornment’ and ‘soul style’ as ways of dismantling insidious cultural beauty norms and myths. They explore how these can become powerful forms of authentic and emotive expression aligned with our personal values, spirituality and unique sense of beauty. Together the share insights into fast and slow fashion, and the impacts of these on beauty culture, planet and people.

Kerry shares her awakening into style and adornment as spiritual practices catalysed by her personal experiences working in Fast Fashion, and raised as a mixed race woman in a white family. She talks about her explorations of somatic and embodiment practices for trauma resolution and for growing our felt sense of authenticity and intuition; powerful style guides that birth our magnetism.

We learn that to fully transmit our beauty, royalty and serenity through our style means that we need to let go of misguided perceptions and masks we wear. Letting go of these, and the old pieces in our wardrobes, is a way of releasing constructed identities that no longer serve us; a way of aligning with our wellbeing and the essence of ourselves as we start to inhabit the natural harmonic place of resonance with who we are.

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