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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Jan 23, 2019

How can we access and maintain a perpetual flow state of ease, abundance and inspiration?

In this episode entitled Finding Our Way to Flow Consciousness… and Staying There, Amisha shares a moment with consciousness researcher, serial entrepreneur and Co-Founder of the Flow Consciousness Institute Justin Faerman.

How would it feel to have a continuous experience of being effortlessly supported by life, knowing that all the resources that you need to thrive and experience exponential growth and success will flow to you with ease? In this episode Justin introduces us to the experience of flow consciousness and reveals some of the entry points we can all find in our own lives to tap into it.

Justin shares the foundational importance of learning how to tune into our intuition, shifting from a focus on the mind to a greater awareness of felt sense in and around our bodies. Together he and Amisha share their own journeys of learning to access and follow their intuition, as well as discussing some of the latest scientific research into intuition and consciousness.

We hear the story of how Justin came to be living and working with flow consciousness, his experience of sharing what he has learned with others and some of the obstacles people face on their journey to embracing flow consciousness as a way of life. He sets out the conditions - both internal and external - that can support us to step into flow consciousness, how to rewire our perceptions to achieve an ongoing state of flow and how we can perpetuate the experience once we have accessed it.

“We tend to only be consciously aware of the macro decisions - the big ones - but they make up the smallest percentage of the decisions we make each day. It’s the small decisions that make the most impact collectively.” ~ Justin Faerman


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