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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Nov 5, 2020

How do we create structures with life at the centre of their being?

In this episode entitled Human Gifts Of Kinship, Amisha talks with Pat McCabe ‘Woman Stands Shining’, of the Diné Nation adopted into the Lakota Spiritual Way of Life. She is an international speaker travelling to pray and to share her journey of remembering and listening for the way Home, back to the true nature of being Human Being.

Amisha and Pat speak about how the beauty of our names reminds us of our uniqueness, our community spirit and encounters with the mysteries of Earth and life. They talk about Listening to Earth as a practice requiring us to acknowledge that different paradigms co-exist and that we have different ways of being human outside of modern world paradigms. Pat shares her personal stories and encounters with Mother Earth and how she transitioned from a place of deep intellect to a way of somatic knowing. We learn that Earth is always present if we listen and acknowledge ourselves as her beloved children.

They explore how indigenous civilisations cultivated ways of knowing that bypassed intellect. We hear how they increased abundance and biodiversity creating ways to thrive continents as living organisms where humans were gifts of kinship that shared knowledge and cultural cross-pollination. They speak about how the loss of their elders during the pandemic means devastating consequences for humanity due to loosing their vital knowledge, language, teachings and ceremony.

Pat believes that possibilities are humming in the air leading us into co-creation of new structures with life at the centre of their being. She has been called to lead change of our dividend paradigms with the world’s wealth holders to step from investments to restorations activating our radical self-love, self-trust and our freewill to transform money powers to serve the future of humanity and Mother Earth.


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