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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Jul 7, 2022

How do we cultivate the skill of belonging?

In this episode entitled The Power Of Our Dreams, Amisha talks with Toko-pa Turner, who founded the Dream School in 2001 blending the mystical tradition of Sufism in which she was raised with a Jungian approach to dreamwork. She is the author of the award-winning book ‘Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home’, which explores the themes of exile and the search for belonging. Sometimes called a Midwife of the Psyche, Toko-pa’s work focuses on restoring the feminine, reconciling paradox, and facilitating grief & ritual practice.

Amisha and Toko-pa speak about dream practices and how the symbolisms of our dreams are a language that can bring us into alignment with nature. Toko-pa reveals how her intention to bring dreaming back to the people may be able to regulate the global psyche by helping us work through our inner conflicts. Together they imagine governments as dream councils and the impact this might have on addressing the humanities crisis relating to climate change, racism, poverty, greed and our fear of otherness. 

Toko-pa shares deeper insights into her book ‘Belonging’ and how we can develop competencies in overcoming exile in a world that undervalues our dreams. She talks about understanding such experiences of exile and rejection as coming into deep relationship with our integrity and belonging with ourselves and the wider living world. 

We learn that when we pay attention to our dreams it connects us with our deepest source of creativity and collective visions that can help us see into the past and the future. It is a way for us to become interested in the diversity all around us. We all hold a different part of the puzzle to building a world where we belong.

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