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The Future Is Beautiful with Amisha Ghadiali

Nov 6, 2019

How can we reconnect deeply to ourselves, our community and our planet?

In this episode Amisha sits down with facilitator and educator Will Scott. At the time of this interview, Will was evacuated from his home and community in Sonoma County, California due to the wildfires that are raging there. He speaks about his personal reactions and responses to the crisis, as well as those of his community and others around them. 

Will explains how many of the crises and imbalances we are facing have their roots in a lack of connection or relationship - to ourselves, to others and to the natural world we are a part of - and how marking and honoring life transitions with the support of the natural world can help us to reconnect. 

Together Amisha and Will discuss privilege and inclusion, how community can hold, facilitate and help us to integrate transformative experiences into our daily lives, and how to better meet the wildness and vulnerability within ourselves and others. 

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