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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Aug 10, 2023

How do we create moments of collective care and sanctuary in troubled times?

In this episode entitled Pollinating Our Imagination, Amisha talks with zoë laureen palmer, a multidisciplinary artist, co-creator and human ecologist working at the intersection of the arts, health and ecology. Her regenerative practice explores our relationship with the more than human world centering embodied ecologies, underrepresented narratives and knowledge through a decolonial lens. She is a gentle beekeeper and a plant medicine student cultivating an afro-futurist apothecary in response to climate breakdown.

In this intimate conversation, Amisha and zoë laureen unearth a flow of big questions arising from living in troubled times of system collapse and climate crisis. Together they ground us in ideas and practices that can help us nourish and flourish whilst being present to the complexities unfolding around us. 

They explore 

:: beekeeping as practice of collective and community care; a teacher of reciprocity, interbeingness and storytelling
:: collective dissociation and creating sanctuary reclaiming shattered lives and places
:: our relationship with slowing down and decolonising time as an act of collective care
:: interspecies grief and finding ways of flourishing in a world that's diminishing
:: how we can rekindle our intimacy with each other and the natural world, and how to open this conversation up to to the wider living world

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