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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Sep 10, 2020

Can beauty and community be the anchors of our future?

In this episode entitled Flourishing Possibilities Birthed From Our Intuitive Gardens, we speak with Amisha Ghadiali, visionary and host of All That We Are, this globally acclaimed podcast that weaves together Politics, Spirituality, Creativity and Sustainability offering us deep, insightful, unedited conversations with inspiring guests. Amisha has a gift of bringing people into connection with themselves, each other and the earth. She has hosted many retreats, workshops, programmes and rituals around the world. She creates brave, tender and inclusive spaces.

Cultural Futurist & Experience Designer, Annegret Affolderbach turns tables on Amisha talking with her about the podcast since its inception, the beauty of leadership, futurism and the possibilities of intuitive gardening.

Amisha shares how the creation of this soul nourishing podcast has become an experience of insight, human connection and community that has guided and created new aspects of her. Annegret and Amisha explore how podcast communities are intuitive gardens with universal roots, spaces of co-creation and transformation that pollinate beauty and future possibilities. Amisha plants seeds for exciting visions for the podcast and for weaving together the community in new ways.

Amisha reveals personal paths of 20yrs of stepping into different forms of beautiful leadership and honing her soul’s gifts into a multitude of offerings designed to be brave and inclusive spaces that connect us with our tenderness and intuition unfolding healing and embracing our wildness. 

Her ‘Beautiful Leadership Immersion’, due to start 14th September 2020, is a timely offering designed for us to discover personal leadership alongside resourceful tools and unusual life skills that will form our anchors for the future.

With a shared past in sustainable fashion, they consider values as ways of life that can shift our thinking away from consumerism and its damaging effects into experiencing fashion as personal style that walks the softer edges of activism. We learn about their experiences of keeping alive vision when our soul gifts lead us to create projects that step outside of conventions and ahead of time to cultivate new pathways for collective futures.


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