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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (formally known as the future is beautiful)

Dec 7, 2017

A journey through loss, discovery and cultivation of our connection to something bigger.

In this episode Amisha meets explorer, documentary filmmaker and author Bruce Parry.

Bruce shares with Amisha some deeply personal stories about finding the place where neuroscience meets indigenous ritual medicines, the chance encounters that changed his life - including with the Kogi, whose intercontinental "interventions" turned him celibate, his theory on how the dawn of agriculture killed meditation and the breakdowns and breakthroughs of a seven-year journey to produce his new film Tawai.

From his early days "deep in the machine" as an institutionalised, privately educated military career-man to his recent expeditions into the mystical depths of Amazonian tribal medicine, Bruce tracks the unfolding of his present world view and the crises and revelations that brought him to it.

"The Penan are anarchists. They have no leader no law, no shamans no chiefs... They are allegedly the most peaceful people on the planet." ~Bruce Parry