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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Jan 12, 2023

How can we nurture what we have in order to meet the unique challenges of our life?

In this special episode entitled Inner Healing and Systems Of Oppression, our host Amisha Ghadiali welcomes us into the new year. Amisha’s prayer for 2023 is that that we find a way to be as generous as possible with each other, with ourselves and with tapping into the bigger picture.

Amisha has been hosting ‘all that we are’ fka ‘The Future Is Beautiful’ podcast for 6yrs exploring the weave between activism, the sacred, creativity & regeneration. She has hosted many retreats, workshops, programmes and rituals around the world. She creates brave, tender and inclusive spaces.

Amisha shares personal reflections and insights gathered during the past few years. This challenging period of adjusting to profound life changes whilst facing obstacles encountered during the expansion of ‘all that we are’ have granted her a new perspective on how we can meet life’s challenges that lay ahead. 

She reflects on systems of oppression and how we may navigate the real impacts these have on our futures, our sense of community, autonomy and inner balance. Amisha speaks about the practice of Beautiful Leadership. She tells us about ‘all that we are’ membership, which as been attuned to bring us into cycles of reciprocity. She invites us to join her early Spring offering, a ‘Beautiful Leadership Retreat’.

We learn that understanding our spirituality is what brings us a sense of power and presence, which will helps us to live with humility, to connect with ourselves with integrity and generosity, and to lead with creativity and intuition.

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