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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Aug 1, 2019

What innovation is needed now to steer us towards a beautiful future?

“It ain’t just a techno fix. It’s not just about shifting an energy system into renewables. it’s not just about shifting from fossil fuels to green energy. It is actually about reimagining how so many of these systems can and should work… The size of the solutions have to fit the size of the problems. If what needs to be done doesn’t fit within commercial and political realities, then we have to change those realities.” ~ Ed Gillespie

In this episode entitled Building a Bright Green Future: Handicraft and Spacecraft, Amisha sits down with environmental entrepreneur and author, Ed Gillespie. As a twenty year veteran of the sustainability movement, Ed shares his perspective on where we stand today with regard to climate crisis and the sustainability of our major systems, examples of what has already been achieved and is already being done to change things for the better, and where he is placing his energy now to support that transition.

Together Ed and Amisha discuss ‘flight shaming’ and slow travel, little robot farmers called Tom, Dick and Harry, and the end of our civilisation. They speak about how and why the Extinction Rebellion movement is finding success where others have not, the pressure imbalance between individual citizens and the behaviour of governments and businesses, and how we might reconnect to create a fertile, fun-filled future for our planet.

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