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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Nov 22, 2018

How can we create together a political system that supports human and planetary flourishing right in the face of our possible extinction?

“We are living in an era in which people are finding their own autonomy and their own agency and they want to express that. We are not content anymore to hand all of that over to someone else.” Indra Adnan 

In this episode entitled Politics is Broken. It’s Time for the Alternative, Amisha Ghadiali meets psychotherapist and consultant Indra Adnan. Indra is co-initiator of The Alternative UK. Only 2% of people in the UK are members of political parties and The Alternative are working to reorient political power from within the 98%.

Indra is committed to exploring politics ‘with a small p’ - the world of sociopolitical culture and action outside the bubble of party politics. The alternative provides a platform to raise awareness about and provide connectivity between people who are creating value within communities particularly innovating for the environment, with a daily blog highlighting new initiatives of active citizenship.

Together Indra and Amisha speak about the revolutionary act of getting to know our neighbours, how both Mumsnet and ISIS rose to influence through the power of story, how a hashtag can change lives and why women must now step forward into the public space as a matter of urgency.

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