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all that we are with amisha ghadiali (fka the future is beautiful)

Feb 19, 2020

How can we create abundance in harmony with nature? 

In this episode entitled Collaborating With Nature For Health And Healing, Amisha meets holistic therapist, cultivator of heritage foods and agricultural researcher Raphaël Colicci.

Raphaël has enjoyed a deep bond to Mother Earth and wild nature since being raised on donkeys milk as an infant, and he knew at the tender age of 14 that he wanted to pursue a twin trail of work as a physical therapist and biodynamic cultivator.

Raphaël shares the story of how he took on a plot of stony ground in the south of France and with patience, persistence, experiment and great care went beyond what was considered possible to cultivate a magnificent conservatory of rare and ancient fruit trees. Raphaël has devoted his life to researching and growing these fruit trees for their healing and nutritional properties as well as their marvellous flavour. 

Raphaël has founded a centre for natural therapies, including treatments with every part of the olive plant and also apitherapy from bees. He shares with us what he has learned from a lifetime of cultivation and experiment with the healing properties of nature, and invites us into the rhythm of his daily life. The result is a hypnotic and fascinating immersion in a rare and precious way of being. 


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